5 French Country Style Living Room Tips You Need To Know

French country furniture is often labeled by the use of white, confused wood, ornate carvings and curved lines, which sometimes makes it a choice for homeowners who want a vintage look at their interiors.

French country sofas or couches are the foundation stone of a French country style living room. Due to its overall antique look and time-consuming appearance, this type of furniture can also be an access to a cabin or shabby, elegantly designed room.

Natural Toned Floors & Aubusson-Inspired Rugs

Incorporate medium-colored, distressed and weaved wood floors in broad planks or parquet patterns. Wooden floors often have an inherent look of age when they have a matte, durable surface.

Accent the floor with a large Aubusson-inspired rug in the conversation area to anchor the space and add the extra dimension and style.

Choose a rug that has soft colors to coordinate with the sofa’s bright shade. These special rugs originated in the Aubusson area of ​​France years ago and have a flat, woven fabric and nice carving details, making them a suitable complement to French country, shabby chic or cottage style.

The Right Coffee Table

Place a bouquet of lavender or roses on a white, nicely carved coffee table, and place the table in front of the couch for a crown trial to the vintage-inspired décor.

Keep the table clean and organized to make the room shine. Add a coffee table book with French art or pictures from Paris to tie your French country style living room together.

Textured Walls To Inspire Your French Country Style Living Room

Apply a color wash or sponge faux finish technique to all four walls to give the space for a moment. Choose two or three colors that are adjacent to each other on a paper color strip for a subtle result. Colors like light brown, soft yellow and pale gray are neutrals that can complement French country style living room decor.

By using a base color  and two further shades in a glaze and color combination, the walls have additional texture and depth to complement the vintage landscape of the French landscape’s sofa.

Gilded Armoire

Armoires is often a practical piece of furniture in French inspired furnishings, and can accentuate a shabby chic or cottage style room as well. Add a large, white, troubled and gilded armoire to a room with a French country couch.

Place it on the wall opposite the sofa to create a strong focus area for the space. Choose an armoire with subtle curves and nicely skewed details, and add old-fashioned crystal buttons to enhance the vintage look of the room.

Fill the armoire with a TV to keep the electronics out of sight when not used for a functional and beautiful accent to the French country style living room decor.


Include fringed toile pillows on the couch to add texture and pattern. Include an embroidered throw on the sofa’s arm for further design.

Hang a large painting on the wall above the couch in a theme like a French landscape or pink roses to harmonize with the overall theme of space. Choose a cream-colored frame with gilded details and curved lines.

Follow these French country style living room ideas and you will soon have a great living room.


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