Boy Room Design & Decor – Guide to Decorating a Boy’s Bedroom

With bold colors, fun shapes and cartoon details, creating a nurturing bedroom space for children is pure fun. If you are looking for decorating ideas you can turn to just about any magazine or many different internet sites to find ideas for a little girl, but when it comes to a boy’s room there is not so much out there. That is why this article is going to give you a couple of ideas that will make a little boy’s room fun for all of the years that he is growing.

Choosing Color

Everyone knows that blue is for boys and pink is for girls.  OK, that covers two colors of the rainbow, but do not forget green and orange and yellow. Even if you want to create a blue room, simply coupling it with one other bold color creates an exciting and vibrant color palette. For example, by choosing red for the dominant color of the room and then keeping all of the furniture pale and accenting it with a soft blue, red becomes the background neutral against which you can play any other color. By limiting pattern, you keep big, bold blocks of color in the room helping it feel big and uncluttered.

You can also include blue as one of the myriad of colors.  For example, by having a more complex color palette with blue, orange, green, grey and a neutral cream, you can create a vibrant and well-balanced room.  Painting an entire wall orange makes a very bold statement, but by controlling the balance of color rather than having an unsettling feeling, the room is bright and fun.  To balance any bold color in the room think in threes.  For example, if you have a bold, orange wall, try balancing it with a bright orange area rug on the floor and a big orange pillow on the bed.  By keeping all aspects of the room simple, the colors run the show, and the room can grow with a child throughout his formative years.

Pattern Play

When decorating a young boy’s room you can have fun mixing and matching patterns. While it used to be completely unacceptable to mix stripes and plaids, now it is exactly what you want to do to add lots of visual interest to a room. By keeping the color palette tight in blues and greens, and by keeping the scale consistent, you can take a neutral background and blanket it with all sorts of patterns. For example, a white backdrop creates a beautiful blank canvas, and stripes on one wall can balance shelves on another.

By echoing toy colors in accessories you create a color balance in the room. For example, a red confetti area rug may balance a gumball machine on the shelf and toy soldiers in the display case. A long shelf with plain white storage boxes echoes the stripe across the room. By adding theme curtains, you can let the room mature as the boy grows.

Of course when you are discussing pattern, rather than just stripes and plaids, you can play off of more organic patterns. For example, a map hung on the wall not only makes a great piece of art, but it adds a pattern to the wall. You could achieve the same balance with a large geometric wall decal, metal wall hangings or a bright, graphic mural. Adding a brightly colored focal wall anchors the pattern and adds contrast for light colored furniture. Wire wall art in favorite themes, such as bicycles, frogs or baseballs, adds texture and depth to the walls.

Storage Smarts

Regardless of how old a boy is, they always have a lot of treasures to manage.  As a result you can simply never have too much storage in a young boy’s room.  Discovering creative solutions for handling toy and clothing storage is half of the design challenge when designing a young boy’s room.  With a simple storage solution, you actually encourage your child to pick up after himself.  Shelves with storage bins and under the bed storage are both easy ways to stretch storage and make cleanup fast and easy.  By using bins on a shelf for storage, you visually make the room more cohesive because all of the clutter is hidden in the storage container.  You can label the storage containers with labels or pictures to help a young man keep his crayons separate from his transformers.

Boy Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Picking out furniture for your kid’s bedroom can be a lot of fun and a great way to spend time together. If you have enough space to work with, an extra bed is always welcome. An extra bed is great for friends that stay the night or the occasional family member paying a visit. Even if there happens to be an overflow of stuffed animals in residence, an extra bed is a great way to store them so they are still visible and look comfy cozy. For boys, bunk beds are always a favorite but custom beds are also very popular.

You can choose to go with custom pieces, such as a bed shaped like a race car or a boat. It all boils down to what kind of space you have – and what makes your little one smile! Matching bedding and themed wallpaper can turn a room into a scene from a Disney or Pixar movie – just imagine it and you can almost always create it. To complete the look and still squeeze in all of the necessities, add in appropriately sized kids furniture like a nightstand or a bedroom chest. If your kids are like most, more storage space never hurts. It is a bonus if you can choose fun furniture that is still flexible enough for them to grow into. Adding in a fold out fabric covered foam couch, or a bean bag for crashing on to read a book is also another popular option.

Teen furniture can be more minimalistic in style. Straight lines, solid colors and comfort are key. Consider choosing a loft bed with a desk underneath rather than a bunk bed. Allowing your teen to decorate their walls with posters of their idols – sports icons, movie stars and bands or musical talent lets them put heir unique stamp on everything. Also look into teen furniture specialty items, such as a gaming chair, a rolling laptop table with a cooling fan, or extra ceiling to floor shelving.

If you shop wisely and know your child well enough to know what they really enjoy, you can put together a bedroom for them that they will really love. Since kids spend so much time in their room playing and studying when they aren’t sleeping, it makes sense to go the extra mile and create a space for them they will enjoy.

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