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Bathroom Remodel Ideas You Need to Know

When you transform an outdated bathroom into a modern bath, you want to know that you have the right formula for success. While choosing a theme is subjective, there are certain upgrades in a bathroom remodel that simply must be included. This adds value to your project, and gives you peace of mind regarding your […]

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Organize the Bathroom And Remove Clutter

4.  Color Code the Towels per Each Member of the Family.  If you feel cramped it doesn’t help to have used towels dangling everywhere.  Request  each bathroom user hang their towel in their own room…these towels hanging all over the bathroom clutters the already small space – twice as fast.  You can purchase simple behind […]

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Bathroom Decorating Tips

As you head for the bathroom first thing in the morning, what meets your gaze? Something you enjoy looking at, which helps you to start the day cheerful and optimistic, or something depressing? Same at the end of the day: as you go through your before-bed routine, does your bathroom help you wind down for […]

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