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Bathtub Restoration and Repair

Learn everything you need to know before deciding on a bathtub repair or replacement by reviewing this bathtub restoration Q & A. A bath tub is a wonderful thing to have especially after a very stressful day at work or school, a person can retire and relax in the comfort of their bath tub. However, […]

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How to Prep a Room for Painting

Once you have chosen your color… gathered your room paint supplies now it’s time to learning how to prep a room for painting. Getting ready to paint is of course much simpler if your room is empty. If you cannot empty your room then be sure to move all the furniture into the center of the […]

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Your Basic Room Painting Supplies

Assuming you have come to Your Basic Room Painting Supplies page because you have  already  chosen your paint color and are  ready to get started. If you are not yet that far along in your “How to paint a room” process than we would suggest you visit our Color page first to get some basic color guidelines about the mood, feel and size […]

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Fun DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas Anyone Can Do

Halloween is a wonderful time of year that heralds the beginning of the autumn holiday season. Halloween is second only to Christmas in the spirit of decorating. There are many fun ways to dress up the house that reflect the origins of the holiday and won’t empty the pocketbook. The everlasting pumpkin provides endless possibilities. […]

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Upcycling Furniture, Glass Bottles & More…

This is a great way for people with limited budgets to find practical solutions to household problems and make their homes look beautiful. It is also good news for the environment, reducing waste and discouraging the unnecessary purchase of new products. Unlike recycling, it doesn’t use further resources (other than time and effort) to do, […]

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