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Kitchen Cabinet Design

Whether you’re making a few changes or a major renovation to your kitchen, one of the most important elements to be considered will be the kitchen cabinets. The kitchen cabinet design can make or break a remodel. Cabinets set the tone and overall look of the kitchen and can be the single most expensive item […]

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Choosing the Best Kitchen Flooring For Your Home

Many people are having difficulties in choosing the best kitchen flooring. Unlike the other areas of the house where traffic is light, the kitchen tends to experience a set of unique problems. Spills, food stains and water leaks are all common in the kitchen. The kitchen flooring definitely requires more maintenance compared to the other areas […]

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DIY Kitchen Remodel on a Budget

The Costs and Benefits of Remodeling a Kitchen Kitchens are one of the most updated rooms in American homes. In fact, real estate professionals recommend that any kitchen over ten years old should be remodeled or updated. The average kitchen remodel costs between $40,000 and $50,000, and many cost more than that. The return on […]

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Kitchen Cabinet Layout That Works for You

Kitchen cabinets are quite often the utmost concern while designing and building a kitchen. The cabinets can add a certain aesthetic quality to the kitchen in which they are located and can also give certain insights into the personality of the homeowner. However, not only do the cabinets themselves carry great weight in the visual […]

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Decorating an All White Kitchen

Today, interior design ideas for the kitchen embrace “clean and simple.” One of the current trends in kitchens is white – all white. Before you throw up your hands and scream, “How do you decorate an all white kitchen,” read the great tips below. The answer to your question is simple: Know the style of your kitchen. […]

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Organize and Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Once Everything has been removed it’s time to clean those neglected spaces thoroughly. Crumbs, spilled spices, lost  recipes and unknown sticky ickys will all be found in these nooks and crannies.  Once cleaned, consider a liner on each shelf or maybe even some paint to brighten up those dark inner drawers. Here is where it gets […]

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