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The shabby chic style can be described as quiet, soft, romantic and sophisticated.  This decorating style reflects a sensible approach to comfort and function by utilizing simple and elegant furnishings that are valued for their faded grandeur.  Mass produced goods are rejected, while imperfect and worn objects with a sense of character are displayed prominently and valued for their uniqueness and timelessness.

Practicality and simplicity are dominant.  Everything is functional in the shabby chic home.  Objects that may have once been luxurious heirlooms, are re-purposed for modern use.  Worn tea towels become the valance over the kitchen window.  A weathered wicker table is topped with glass and becomes useful again.  Embellished fabrics serve as both a tablecloth and a skirt.  Tattered chairs and sofas are given new life with white slipcovers, so that both dogs and kids can lounge about comfortably.  If it’s in this house, it’s meant to be used.

Colors of the shabby chic home decor are subtle and subdued.  Ceilings, walls, and often floors are painted in crisp white hues and help evoke a sense of open space.  Soft pastel colors, muted grays, and cream are brought into the space through faded, vintage fabrics.   Floral patterns are a favorite and can be seen in pillows, tablecloths, and tableware.  The use of such colors and patterns are familiar reminders of days gone by, a time when life was slower and more easily enjoyed.

Anyone can achieve the look of a shabby chic home with a little imagination and an appreciation for craftsmanship.  Acquiring this look doesn’t always require much money, however it often requires some time.  Searching for treasures in flea markets, thrift stores, and your grandmother’s garage does take effort, but over time you can develop an an eye for simple elegance and create your own unique style.


Shabby Chic Decor Ideas

Shabby chic accessories can help turn any home into an elegant, cosy, warm and inviting environment. If you are willing to invest some time hunting for treasures, in markets or boot sales, or even charity shops or antique fairs, you will be surprised where you could find beautiful shabby chic accessories. For those of you […]

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