Children’s Room Decor Ideas

Good ideas for interior decor for children’s rooms are always useful, because this rooms usually need lots of space for children to play and be comfortable. But the children’s rooms are sometimes the smaller in the house and still are, often, a space shared by two or more children.

The children’s rooms are spaces where children play, read, do school work and sleep, so they are important divisions of the house, where children spend most of their time and should be carefully considered. One must also take into account that it is not easy to have good ideas for interior decorating for children’s bedrooms, because children are constantly growing and it become easily inadequate.

Due to the normal activity of children, the furniture are exposed to greater wear than the furniture in other rooms.

Often, parents adapt existing home furniture to the children’s room. However, children deserve, like adults, some beautiful furnishings, practical and tough.

Ideas for interior decoration of children’s rooms:

The children’s room must recreate a pleasant and harmonious environment with bright colors and beautiful accessories, where kids feel good. There are many solutions to be able to have a nice children’s room. Let’s try to give some ideas that we hope are useful to it.

The first step you should take when thinking about decorating the room of your kid depends on the age of him. In the first years of life, kids can not give an opinion, but a few years later they should be consulted for decorating the space in which they interact. Generally should be considered aspects such as comfort, safety, space for play and stimulation for the study, all these variables must be taken into account when decorating kid’s bedrooms.


The rooms of infants must be studied bearing in mind the reforms that have to be made around the 4 years of age. At this age you swaps the crib for a bed and set up a space for play and begin to think of space for school activities.

When decorating the nursery, you should avoid paints and materials with strong odors, as they interfere in the rest of the babies and may irritate adults who walk in that environment.

There are people who prefer the classic rooms with cots, however there are beautiful rooms, baby bed and matching furniture in beautiful colors such as wood, and even silver or gold.

The baby’s room can not go without a crib or rollaway bed, a dresser for changing diapers, a bath and a chair or sofa.


The colors for the kid’s rooms, wallpapers with funny backgrounds are beautiful and practical. You can also choose, instead, by applying adhesive to the wall, which enables applying the illustrations, which makes everything more fun. You can use themes like geometric squares, dots and other shapes in different colors.

The use of pink for girls and blue for boys, it is very common, however, do not get stuck with these two colors, use soft shades of green, yellow or even other pastel shades that allow a kid’s room decor to be different and very beautiful.

The materials recommended for the decoration of the kid’s rooms, and whenever possible, you should opt for hypoallergenic materials, carpets, curtains, cushions. For the wallpaper, choose washable papers, some already have their own spaces for children scratching.

Arrange a framework to accustom children to avoid the walls at the time of their artistic and literary expression. There are special paints that transform the area in whiteboards and magnetic boards.

Room Decor for Babies:

  • With the arrival of the new family member, it is important to choose and decorate the space that will host him. We have an interesting suggestion of a single peace of furniture that becomes much practical because it is the cot for when the baby is small, changing diapers, small drawers and a wardrobe to put the baby’s clothes, and when the baby grows it becomes a larger bed that can use until about three years. In the first photo, decorated in white and brown tone until there is a large drawer below for extra beds. They are very practical solutions that take up little space, leaving the rest of the room free for other things like toys or even a chair to breastfeed. See photos below.

Room Decor for Kids:

  • Decorate with Color and Pattern – Pink and blue? When decorating a kid’s room, put aside the usual color scheme and try something different. As with anything else that relates to a kid’s room, hear what she or he has to say about the colors they like. If you paint with an embodied color, which is a little intimidating, a frame above the bed and some accessories are a great way to liven up the environment. These are also easy to change when the kid grows and his tastes evolve. Remember to choose durable fabrics, as in kids’s rooms tend to have a little use. Choose things that are easy to wash and use covers for furniture, for easy cleaning.
  • Children love bright and vivid colors, but are often only concerned with the actual space that is available to them on the table or on the floor to study and play. The limited space in children’s rooms only allows a certain number of furniture like bed, table, chair, cabinet, bookcase or haberdasher, therefore, should be given attention to the few pieces and they must be of good quality, practical and adaptable, and also can be completed later. You should also pay attention to lighting, the child must have good light to study, paint and for the computer.
  • Lighting and Flooring for Kid’s Rooms – The light is very important, make sure that the room has plenty of light. A bedside lamp is needed to tell bedtime stories as a desk lamp is a must for the working areas where they make arts and crafts. And of course, always important not to forget the night lights. An ceiling light is also important when kids are playing on the floor, as well as carpets. Make sure you have a soft surface. If you do not want a carpet, choose a carpeted wall to wall, considering extra padding underneath for comfort. A rug is also an opportunity to add an extra dash of color.
  • As for the computer in the kid’s room, you must not forget that the computer and the Internet are the future and it is difficult to know when to initiate the kid with these machines, but one thing is certain, you should not stop their friendship. Because the sooner the children contact with them, the easier it is to learn everything about computers and more easily the child will master the techniques of information and communication. The parents must monitor what their kids do. For kids in school age, they should have their own computer, or in the bedroom or study room. 
  • Do not forget that your kid’s need to read, books are still needed, so do not forget to have a small library with dictionaries, encyclopedias, some classic national and international magazines and art books, which must be accessible on shelves preferably with glass doors that prevent entry of dust.
  • Choose Durable Furniture – This is a place where it is important to buy items that will last. Although it is tempting to buy cheap furniture under the assumption that kids will grow and which will be replaced, it’s really better to buy furniture that can grow with them. A beautiful cabinet to put clothes, toys and myriad of other items, and kids will enjoy it in the next few years. A chest of drawers of good quality, will look great and will stand the test of time. Teach kids about what is quality and help them enjoy a good style, from a tender age.
  • Storage and Organization in Kid’s Rooms – Storage is important throughout the house, but rarely is more important than a kid’s room. Organizational plan that will use parts such as a chest of drawers, bookcases, cabinets, etc… and decide where you will put them. Toys and games must be within reach of shorter arms, while decorative pieces may be at higher places. Keep things organized with baskets and boxes, which are designated for specific items. Not only will keep things organized for adults, as you should involve the kids in the cleaning process and teach them to be organized.
  • A good solution is to use beds with a trundle underneath the main bed, that can be used by a friend of your son when he is sleeping in the a house, or cousin, etc… Maximizes the space and is a very practical solution. Besides the bed you can forget the desk and a wardrobe. Nowadays, this type of furniture are already priced into certain economic well-known brands.
  • A good idea of ​​interior decoration for smaller rooms is where you can gain some space like bunk beds, where you can incorporate a desk, gaining breadth in the room and cupboard space. It is a practical and economical idea because you end up buying several pieces at once.

The most important thing to keep in mind when decorating a kid’s room is that you must fill it with things that kids enjoy and learn to cherish as they grow. Decorating kid’s rooms is not difficult, you just need a little imagination and taste. Share the decorating activity with your kids and make these moments, moments of pleasure and fun. Hope these ideas and tips are useful for you when it comes the time for you to decorate your kid’s room.

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