Girl Room Bedroom Ideas – How to Decorate a Disney Princess Room

The first Disney princess debuted in 1937. Snow White sang, “Someday My Prince Will Come,” and little girls shared that dream with her. Years later, we continue to love Snow White and greet more princesses as time passes by.

Some Disney Princesses from our past include:

  • Cinderella
  • Ariel, the Little Mermaid
  • Belle, Beauty
  • Jasmine
  • Pocahontas

And, most recently, adventure was taken to new lengths when Rapunzel was brought to life in Tangled, by the voice of Mandy Moore, making it clear that a love for princesses will never end.

A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes…

Imagine a child’s surprised face if she were to enter her bedroom, once just a regular room, to discover it had transformed into a princess bedroom.

The great thing about kids is that they believe anything is possible. They wish with their hearts and believe that wishes CAN come true.

In this article, you will find everything necessary to make the dream of a perfect princess bedroom come true.

From Floor to Ceiling…

The Bed

Castles are magical and meant for only the movies… Nope. Here is a beautiful bed made for a little girl to sleep in her very own castle. Such a fun idea. This is a loft-style bunk bed, with a pink covering and a white slide for a little girl to go down each morning after she wakes up.

Even more fun, children can hide and play BELOW the bed!  If your little one is looking for a special place to keep all of her princess toys, she may even enjoy tucking them away beneath the bed.  A safe and secure hideout for the toys!

Be sure to get the perfect Princess bedding for the full effect!

The Toy Box

All children have toys, probably those Princess dolls and figures if you are reading this hub, and despite many parents’ attempts to buy toy boxes to keep toys safely put away in, toys somehow find their way to the floor time and time again!

However, with the ultimate princess bedroom, if your little one has the perfect princess toy box, she will enjoy cleaning up her toys and placing them into that very special box.

Bins are also nice because children could place their most frequently used toys where they can see them – perhaps they’ll never get lost again! What will make it even more magical (and easier) would be labels on the outside of the bins so children recognize which toys belong where.

Categories children might enjoy may be good and evil, prince and princesses, animals and accessories.  Have fun with it!

The Walls

Children love decorations, so placing princess and princess-themed stickers about the walls will make their hearts sing!

These easy-to-remove decals add another perfect touch to the princess bedroom. Just peel and place, and if they’re in the wrong place, peel and move them! Children may even enjoy having the opportunity to change their decorations once each month, or even once each week!

It really is THAT easy.

The princess decals are reasonably priced so if a child does unfortunately rip or tear while trying to relocate one, they are not too difficult to replace.

The Lamps

Princesses can even provide light into a little girl’s room.

Here are some adorable lamps with a mix of princesses along with individual princess figures.

These will be much more special than a typical floor lamp or small side table light.  Children will be eager to show off to their friends how princesses even help them to see better!

The Bookshelves

For all those Disney princess books and fairy tales with Prince Charmings and happy endings, a little girl will need the proper shelves.

Here are some unique ideas rather than a boring wooden bookshelf.

Girls will enjoy placing their favorite book on these bright pink bookcases!

The Mirrors

“Mirror, mirror on the wall…”

Princesses are beautiful, just like your little girls!

They need a place right in their room where they can see themselves, comb their hair and practice their smiles.  Preparation for the Prince.

Here is an example of just one exceptional mirror idea.

The Chairs

Lastly, princesses need a place to sit beside their bed!

Here is one of the many cute (and very pink) chairs for your little one and her friends to sit in while they take a break from playing or simply sit and curl up with a book to read.

Best of luck in creating the perfect princess bedroom!

And May All Your Dreams Come True!


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