Modern Canopy Bed Ideas

Canopy beds have always occupied a special place in my heart. Growing up, my parents had a great wrought iron bed that I still think of with great fondness. It wasn’t actually a canopy bed frame, but it was high enough to hang a canopy from. When our parents weren’t at home, we draped blankets over the top of the bed posts and played inside our tent. As a child I would pretend it was a fort, and ever since I have loved canopy bed frames.

You can choose between a wide array of bed frames for a canopy bed these days. Personally, my favorite type of bed frame is wrought iron. I love the timeless look that goes with many different types of decorating styles. However, I have seen many quality wooden frames that have a very chic look.

Wood frames are great because they weigh less, are more gentle to your floor, and are more forgiving if you bump into them. A bed frame made of wood might be easier on your legs if you are prone to bumping into your bed when getting in or out.

When you go out to shop for canopy bed frames, keep the height of the canopy in mind. The height of your bed will depend both on personal preference as well as the height of your ceiling. For some people, the higher up a canopy is, the better.

Others enjoy sleeping in canopy beds sporting lower canopies, because it provides a greater degree of intimacy. If you’ve never had a canopy bed, it’s hard to tell if you like a tall or low canopy so I suggest you try out quite a few different types before making up your mind.

If you don’t find what you want in the retail stores, why not search the antique stores for antique canopy bed frames? The craftsmanship of an antique bed makes it piece of artwork that you will want to keep in the family for generations. So if you like antiques, you might want to check out your local antiques store for a great looking bed that has a lot of history.

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