Nautical Home Decor Under $25

Ships and seashells… azure blue skies… sea green oceans… all kissed by the yellow brilliance of the sun. These elements make up nautical home decor and make us long for the endless summers of a beach cottage.

But even if you live in an apartment on main street or a ranch house in suburbia, it’s possible to have beach days every day. There’s lots of ways to transform your home into a cottage by the sea. These nautical home decor ideas won’t cost you a treasure chest full of gold, either! Every suggestion here is under $25.

Nautical Know-How

There first thing you notice about a nautical decor is color. Oh, maybe the walls are painted white and the furniture is covered in white duck cloth, but somewhere there is a pop of color. Usually it’s blue and white… and green… and red!

One easy way to get color is by piling the sofa with throw pillows. Especially stripped pillows, like these pillows from Laura Hill and Seagrove. The stripes are bold, classy and speak true nautical style. I’d mix them up with some solid color pillows in white and a variety of blues. Then I’d add this unexpected, but very whimsical fish pillow from Regal.

Oh give me the ocean life!

Picture Perfect Beach House

It would be heaven to sit on the front porch of you beach house and watch the tall ships bobbing along in the ocean. If that’s an impossible dream, than maybe adding this dreamy artwork to you walls is next best.Just staring at this tall ship could be enough to make you think you’re right at the coast.

Not all art you hang on the wall has to be picture perfect. Try something different, like rustic nautical flags painted on wood. They look like something you might find in a antique shop along the coast. This is just a small sample of what’s available. Hang up two, three or as many as you like.

Get Shipshape

What’s nautical home decor without a ship. Or two. These small model ships would look great on a fireplace mantle. Or a tabletop. Or a bookcase. At 17″x3″x11″ these ships from Handmade Models will fit a lot of needs. These small ships have a rustic, handmade feel and are perfect for that well loved beach cottage feel.

These ships are not models you need to assemble… except for the sails. But it takes only five minutes to put them together. They come in a variety of colors.

I love this mermaid. She’s a piece of garden art, but who says you can’t bring her in the house. She’s verdigris colored and weights about seven pounds. At 5.5″ high x 17.5″ long, she would look great on a mantle or table. I might try putting her in front of the of the fireplace opening in the summer. Make sure to look at her sisters.

A Great Catch

Everyone knows it’s the accessories that can make or break a decor, so don’t forget them.

I love these ceramic blue and white seahorse and starfish figurines. There are so many place around the house you can use them, like on a window sill or side table.

Same goes for this shell dish. It would look especially good with a few seashells. Or candies!

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