The Right Way To Use Silver In Shabby Chic Interior Design & Decor

Shabby chic interior design is often a favorite decorative style for homeowners who wish for a vintage inspired, romantic decor. Combining rustic and elegant design elements, a room often takes a distorted, elegant look.

Shabby chic decor is created with many things, such as white, distressed furniture, soft, pastel colors and elegant crystal accents.

Silver-themed walls and accessories also mark the refined side of shabby chic decor. By incorporating metal-silver elements, such as mirrors, frames and pillows, it’s an early little chic, time-consuming look.

Walls & Trimmer

  • Incorporate silver-plated wall treatments. Use silver gray metallic accented wallpaper on an accent wall, as behind a couch or a bed.
  • Choose fresh, updated styles with large-scale designs with tone-on-tone damask or floral prints to accentuate the shabby chic interior design.
  • Incorporate white, fabric around the doors and windows to give the room a cosy feeling.
  • Paint the other three walls a soft, silver gray or use rustic, white, weather beads to complement the focal wall to create a background for the room’s design. mirrors
  • Use silver-trimmed mirrors. Add a large, silver-accented mirror to a firewall. Paint the frame of a vintage mirror with silver colored silver and hang it on the wall behind a dining table for a shabby, elegant antique touch to the room.
  • Choose a silver-plated mosaic-framed mirror and hang it over a bed for an accent with chubby chic style. Take a weather and tipped vintage mirror, and warm glue silver brooches on the top, front to accentuate it with silver shine.
  • Mirrors reflect natural light and create additional dimension, which is a bonus for each room.
  • Take silver-plated frames and fill them with black and white photographs. Choose frames with an ornate, vintage-inspired look to enhance the fuzzy, elegant look of the room.
  • Mix some white, rustic mirrors in the display of a shabby element. Hang them on a wall in a square pattern to add an extra, romantic, silver accent to the space.

Lighting In Shabby Chic Interior Design

Add silver-themed lighting. Shabby chic interior design is a mixture of rustic and elegant elements. Highlight the elegant side of the decor with a silver-trimmed chandelier.

Choose varieties that have silver metal details and hang them from a high ceiling in a bedroom, living room or dining room. Use mercury lamp lamp bases topped with rustic burlap lampshades for table lamps.

Take white, chipped-finish table lamp bases, and top with silver-metallic, fabric lampshades for an alternative look. Place several silver-metallic votive brackets filled with candles on a white, distressed tray to add a soft, romantic glow into the room.


Accent the shabby chic interior with silver accessories. Place silver gray, sequin pillows on a couch or bed for an elegant look. Add several shabby pillow styles that have pale rose fabrics and tattered lace details as well.

Because roses are a quintessential shabby chic icon, fill a silver vase with fresh roses and show them on a coffee table to add a romantic element to the room.

Put a gray box on a couch or chair. Choose a throw that has silver metal threads that pass through it. Include a silver tea set on a dining venue. Show a silver-accented antique antique collection in an open, distressed, white chin.

Silver-themed accessories add a final, elegant touch to the entire home decor with a stylishly elegant visual appeal. Follow these shabby chic interior design and decor tips and you will find it easy to bring silver into your room and keep the shabby style.

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