5 Tips to Stylish Apartment Decorating on a Budget

Warm, comfortable material can make a killing apartment look elegant. Decorate your apartment to reflect chic decor trends that focus on comfort, elegance, texture and blend of modern and traditional elements.

The elegant design style generally contains luxurious fabrics, happy colors, beautiful furniture and attention to detail. Some elegant interior elements can be costly, but you do not have to spend much to turn your apartment into an attractive living space.

The keys to creating a chic and stylish-looking apartment on a budget are;

  • bargain hunting,
  • updating old pieces,
  • and adding color and texture wherever you can

Give your existing wood furniture an elegant update by applying color to a new color

Closets, bed frames, chairs and wooden sections of sofas will benefit from several layers of vibrant, shiny color. Choose black, white, silver, pale gray or navy blue to keep the furniture pieces neutral, or choose vibrant colors like jewels or tropical shades to enhance your room’s elegant design palette. Paint items that you would not normally think of, such as vases, lights and bells, to add color to surprising places.

Shop for used items that have elegant style

From exaggerated furniture and framed prints to flower vases and vintage hardware, you can get single pieces for a lot of money to savings stores, second-hand stores, merchandise sales and moving sales.

Keep your found items as they are for a shabby, stylish look that reflects tired elegance. For example, put a cluster of pillar candles on a tarnished silver tray or sewn sharpened beaded tip along the edge of some common white curtains. Or mix old pieces with modern elements, such as adding a new shade for a flashlight or putting a lush green plant in an antique ceramic teapot.

Use fabric to turn each room into an elegant retreat

Dress up a worn couch or love seat with colorful pillows with interesting textures. Refill the seats on a set of wooden furniture or create a padded top for a small bench or pallet.

  • Attach thumb sheets to small tables at the ends, install free-standing bathroom drains or an entertainment center to create instant storage space while adding color and texture to any room. Small amounts of luxury fabric or lace can also have a big impact on curtains, curtains or drapes.
  • Do not be afraid to update pale old curtains with fabric paint.

Decorate your walls with cheap furnishings that make your apartment cozy but elegant

  • Apply color to old, untrue picture frames to combine them and then group them asymmetrically for an interesting wall hanging. Color can also breathe new life into scuffed or worn wood mirror frames.
  • Hang clusters of odd mirrors to get a small room to look bigger while creating an elegant touch point. Use shell-and-stick vinyl patterns and letters to create a dramatic look that will not damage the walls as you move out.
  • Frame a number of cheap, but interesting, artwork, such as magazine magazines, ethnic inspired designs or personal snapshots, with dollar affair frames painted gold or silver.

 Maximize the storage space in your apartment will keep the rooms looking tidy

There are so many ways you can create for storage space for your apartments. You can use staircases as book shelves, or even under the bed. Not only will this help keep it tidy, these can act as decorative elements to show off your personal style.

Warning: Your lease agreement may explicitly prohibit you from making certain types of decorations, such as painting walls or nailing pictures on the wall. Read it carefully so you don’t violate the terms of the lease.

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