Teen Girl Room Ideas

Most likely, if you are reading this article, it is because you are looking for ways to decorate, design or remodel your teen girl’s bedroom

Here are some tips and suggestions for how to make your daughters room extra special and keep it organized.

Also included are must-haves for any teenage girl’s room.

Hope you find exactly what you are looking for. Because your girl is growing up and is leaving your childhood behind her it is important to listen to her desires. Make the room her own!

And best of luck during this exciting chapter of your daughter’s life!

A young teen girl may not have a lot of time to herself, but she still wants to know that when she comes home to her room every day she has something to look forward to. Designing a room  for a teenage girl takes some creativity, especially given the time constraints suffered by most girls, but even the most budget-conscious girls can find a décor, style, or theme that works. There are a few basic themes or styles that work well, even in a small room, and styles for young girls normally fall into one of the following categories:

International Decor

International themes often give a room a more spacious feel, and they lend a lot of elegance, sophistication and “grown up” look to any room. You can decorate the entire room in an international theme without it looking overdone or outdated. This is a very popular home interior design trend, especially Spanish, Mediterranean, Indian, tribal art, or African décor styles. Accessories and wall art decor can help you add touches of international flavor to your current furnishings without having to renovate everything.

Color Coordination

A teenage girl needs to keep things simple, since she will not be likely to have a lot of time to spend cleaning and dusting a variety of items. On her days off from school, she is not going to want to spend all of her time dealing with décor, so keeping it simple gives her more time for other things that matter. Coordinating colors helps make things look organized and simple, but can be a unique way to decorate the room.

Color coordination is a great way to unify the room in a beautiful way, and offer a great way to bring continuity to your apartment. You can choose a basic neutral as a theme, using it on walls to keep things simple. Then, use colorful accents in the room to give them a different ambience and environment while still tying it together in a classic way. Pops of color will draw the attention away from the neutral base and to that particular color.


Accessorizing is the only way to make the teen girl room feel like it’s her own. It is not always possible to paint the walls in a host of colors or even hanging things in every conceivable place. Adding creative touches here and there is a great way to introduce color and individuality, offering a compromise between the two of you that works well for both of you.

You can use pictures, prints, quotes, candles, pillows, rugs, metal wall art, modern art, and much more to personalize your teen girl bedroom. Accessorizing is the most popular way for young girls to add their own touch, and they can take these accessories with them when it comes time to move to collage later on.

  • The Bed – It’s safe to assume your room already has a bed frame and mattress.  Let’s hope this much at least. That means you need to find the sheets and covers. Oh, and pillows and pillowcases. Make sure you take the time to find just the right look because for next years, this will be your personal space at home.  You will want a comfortable and cozy bed to collapse into after a long days’ of school and friends.
  • Lighting – You will probably need some new lamps and lighting. Remember to get a good light source for when you are studying. Here are some suggestions for both floor lamps or for your night table. Even a lamp can show your personality!
  • Organization  – You have to stay organized. You don’t really have a choice if you hope to succeed at school. Keeping all of your notes in a folder or binder is one thing, but it is a whole new ball game now that you are older. Mom and Dad are no longer around to remind you to clean your room, so you need to be sure to have space to organize yourself. Do not let yourself get trapped in the teenage zone of throwing things on the floor! Keep your teen girl room clean and organized.
  • Wall Decorations – To personalize your teenage girl’s bedroom, you need to decorate your wall. A variety of decals and wall arts are available for all tastes.  You can even purchase fancy mirrors to hang on your wall.

And, with time, the room will morph into a place you can relax and invite your friends. You will feel more comfortable, and little by little, it will be yours.

Have fun!

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